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Installation and Documentation

This page contains the installation and documentation for the various solutions

Central Administration Function Map

This solution provides an interface to search Central Administration by function. You can ask questions like "View timer job" and the results will show links to various related functions like "View timer job history" and "View scheduled timer jobs". The feature is based on similar functionality available in the Control Panel applet of Windows 2008.

1. Download CentralAdminMap.wsp from the download page.
2. Install the WSP using a PS cmdlet like this: Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath "CentralAdminMap.wsp"
3. Go to Central Administration>>Solution Management. Deploy CentralAdminMap.wsp to the Central Administration Site Collection.
4. Go to Central Administration>>Manage Farm Features. Ensure "Central Admin Map Model" is active.
5. Go to Central Administration>>Site Actions>>Site Settings>>Site Collection Features. Activate "Central Admin Map Web Parts"
6. Go to the home page of Central Administration.
7. Select Site Actions>>Edit Page
8. Add the "What do you want to do?" web part from the "Help" category.
9. Save the page and type a query in the web part.

If you have trouble deploying the BDC Model, you will likely need to set the SiteUrl property as described in this blog post

ULS Log Reader

This solution uses BCS to create an External List that displays ULS Log entries and allows for search by Correlation ID. The BDC Metadata Model is available in the download section. A detailed blog article is available at

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